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Interview Procedures

Before the Interviews
  • Look over the master teachers you have, as well as the resident applicants

  • Read through the introduction letters

  • Review the Schedule- make note of the Zoom links for each day of interviews

  • Review the interview Reviewer Form so you know how to score residents

  • Read through the procedures below

  • Reach out to Karin if you have questions

Interview Procedures
  • Log into the correct Zoom session on the schedule

  • All participants will be placed in a waiting room and will be allowed in by Karin. 

  • Rename your onscreen name to include your district or organization

  • Open the interviewer reviewer form at the beginning of each interview

  • When we are ready, we will admit the applicant in from the waiting room

  • At the conclusion of the interview, the applicant will leave, but everyone  else will stay and submit the interview reviewer form. 

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