Course Instructors

Dr. Katherine Burns


Katie Burns manages STEM and Environmental Literacy M.Ed. programs for Teachers College of San Joaquin (TCSJ).  She also serves as a full time faculty member and researcher, providing program assessment support to the college.  Prior to joining TCSJ in 2015, Katie worked in central California K-12 school districts for ten years as a math/science teacher and academic coach.  Katie earned her Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from University of the Pacific, where her research focused on communities of practice among teachers in rural schools.  Outside of her work, Katie serves as a community volunteer, supporting a variety of science-focused events for students in her community.  She is inspired by the pursuit of knowledge, especially in topics connected with math and science.

Dr. Karin Compise

Dr. Karin Compise has over 20 years of classroom teaching experience in Stockton. Part of that time was spent in the primary grades and the last 14 years were in intermediate and middle school settings. Karin is passionate about doing whatever it takes to not only meet students' needs in the classroom but inspire students to be curious, confident, life-long learners. Some of Karin's educational interests are project-and inquiry-based learning, empowering teachers to take (responsible) risks, and constantly questioning the status quo. Karin is the coordinator of Residency@TCSJ as well as an instructor in the graduate  program at TCSJ.

In addition to her Multiple Subject Teaching Credential and her Administrative Services Credential, Karin holds a B.A. in Psychology from CSU Stanislaus, a M.A. in Teaching from National University, a M.Ed. in Educational Administration and Leadership from TCSJ, a Mathematics Instructional Added Authorization (MIAA) from TCSJ, and an Ed.D from the University of the Pacific.


Dr. Adrianne Go-Miller


Credentials and Certificates: 

-Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

-Administrative Services Credential

-Crosscultural, Language, and Academic Development certificate

-GATE certificate


-M.Ed. Curriculum & Instruction, MA Educational Psychology,

Ed.D. Educational Leadership & Administration


Teaching Experience: 

-25 years in 2020/2021 

-Grades: 4, 5, 6

Areas of educational expertise and/or passion?

-Gifted Education, Social Justice, Social/Emotional Learning


What are your hopes for our residents?

-My hope for residents is that they embrace every opportunity to learn and grow; heartaches and happiness will certainly be thrown their way, but they will always have each other as a cohort for support during this coming year, and many more to come. I hope residents remember that they not only have each other, but everyone in the program, supporting them. I hope residents have questions and are not afraid to ask them. Most of all, I hope residents are kind to themselves because teaching is not easy no matter how many years of practice one may have :).


Andrew Griggs, M.Ed.


Credentials and Certificates: 

 CTE Credential in Hospitality and Tourism. 


Teaching Experience: 

This will be my 10th year in education teaching Culinary Arts. I am currently working at an alternative high school as the lead culinary arts academy instructor and Learning Through Interests Coordinator. I am also a Support and Implementation Coach for Big Picture Learning. Have taught as an adjunct faculty member at TCSJ for 5 years now mostly in the M.Ed. core but recently have worked on some course redesign in the IMPACT program.

Areas of educational expertise and/or passion?

I am passionate about highly personalized learning that is built upon a foundation of strong relationships and rigor. I seek to serve in inequitable situations and help young people and teachers become their true selves. I do this by working toward expertise in alternative education, Career and Technical Education, 21st Century learning and teaching. 


What are your hopes for our residents?

Ya'll have to come out of this program like an educational Ninja. You will have the sharpest tools, be able to adapt to many situations, and you will not be afraid to lead where others will not. There is too much work in education and too much at stake for us to be developing mediocrity. Give us your best! 

Tiani Hudgins, M.Ed.

My name is Tiani Hudgins. I currently hold an Education Specialist credential-Mild/Moderate. I have been teaching Special Education for 5 years. I am currently teaching SDC Jr. High, but have previously taught SDC 4-6th.


My passion is ensuring an inclusive environment for all students.


I hope to help all our residents grow to become confident, successful, and open minded teachers! 


Dr. Angela Pascual


My love of education stems from a long running tradition in my family of serving students and the community in which one resides. This focus led to me teaching Alternative Education in San Joaquin County for 21 years. While teaching in Alternative Education I used my  love of reading to engage students in multicultural literature as a springboard for classroom discussions that focused on the challenges and celebrations of my students lives. Presently I teach math for Stockton Unified School District. A primary goal of my practice is to connect the classroom to students lives in an effort to build support them become productive members of a just society.


Throughout my teaching career I have held leadership positions that focused on curriculum development and the implementation of instructional strategies to engage and excite students about learning. I have served on committees that work to build strong stakeholder relationships between schools, parents and community members. I have also mentored new teachers in district Induction programs and as Pre-Service and Intern Instructor.


I completed my Bachelor Degree at UC Davis. My teacher credentials were earned from Teachers College of San Joaquin via Project Impact. I also completed a Masters of Arts and Administrative Credential at Teachers College, while completing a second masters in reading from Grand Canyon University. My doctorate was earned via a joint venture between UOP and TCSJ. My research interests center on the phenomenon of local control and how it can be used to identify and address historical inequities in school districts, schools and classrooms.

Dr. Crescentia Thomas

Dr. Crescentia Thomas began her educational experiences in 2002. During her time as a resource specialist, she worked with students with special needs, assisted in administrative duties at the school site, mentored novice teachers, and collaborated with the curriculum department in her district to design professional development for special education teachers. As a resource specialist, she became knowledgeable in incorporating a variety of accommodations and modification into lesson plans, collaborating with K-8 teachers and program specialists, and advocating for students.


Crescentia joined Teachers College in August 2010 as an instructor in the masters core and hence taught in the Special Ed and Preservice cohorts. She became a full-time advisor in August 2014.

Crescentia holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of San Diego, a M.A. in Education (Special Education) from California State University, Sacramento, an Administrative Services Credential from CSU, Stanislaus, and an Educational Doctorate from the University of the Pacific.