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Mentor Testimonials

Benefits of having a Resident

Mentor Testimonials

Hear directly from our past and current mentors, what they have believe to be the benefits of having a resident teacher 


An extra adult in our classroom to connect with. Those who I maybe struggle to connect with have an opportunity to make a connection with her

I truly enjoyed having a resident in my room this year. I have a challenging group of students this year. Having an extra person in the room to provide support for me and the students was great. My students were also able to connect with another adult on campus that would give them support in and out of class. I'm looking forward to continuing this relationship with teachers college and continuing to provide a safe space for new teachers to learn, be challenged be challenged, and to get hands-on experience into what teaching really looks like.

There are always benefits to having twice as many teachers in a room. There is more support, and the students know there is also someone else watching as well, so it helps with classroom management.

Extra eyes to help me watch students, help me sub while I attend IEPs,  alleviate stress of finding coverage if needed, bounce off instructional ideas from.

I have loved having the opportunity to welcome our resident teacher to our classroom family. Our resident teacher brings so many wonderful, new ideas to our classroom. The students enjoy having two teachers to love them and cheer them on for the entire school year.

Having a resident in the classroom has taught me a lot as an educator. Having someone new in the profession and having fresh ideas to put into the classroom can really be motivating for others. The students also benefit from different teaching styles that help meet the needs of all students.

I love having a second grown up in the room to help with the children.  We meet their needs so much faster.  The kids have two grown ups to rely upon.  It is also fun to see a new teacher develop confidence and feel secure in their first full year in a classroom.  They aren't just "thrown to the wolves" like I was in my first year.  It also gives them time to develop a classroom management style that works for them.  Residency also helps them learn how to deal with difficult parents and a trusting mentor to advise when needed. They don't need to feel isolated or search for another teacher to advise them.

I think having the residents on our campus and in our classrooms for a full year helps to create a relationship like no other where the residents are seen as a complete part of our staff. The residents come to all meetings, are around common staff areas and they really become another integral part of the school team. Whether it’s filling in to substitute when we have a need at our school or just being an extra helper at a school function, residents really become a huge piece of the school’s community.

 Residents become a huge factor in helping students meet their academic and social goals. They are another adult who can step in and lend those helping hands that students need throughout the day. In my First Grade classroom it means that I get to offer more small group instruction since my resident is able to take on groups and run them too. Students get more individualized attention with two adults in the room and it is a win-win situation for all.

The students get the benefit of having two teachers.  We can both teach at the same time with 2 different groups.  I learn from the student teacher, just as she learns from me. 

susan and kayla_edited.jpg

Having a mentor teacher has many benefits. First of all, just having a partner in the classroom is great. Being a teacher is full of daily challenges and unexpected events and having a partner that can help with those unexpected challenges is amazing! Furthermore, when I have a partner in the classroom it makes me a better teacher overall. This then transfers to the students learning. In addition, the students receive more one on one attention with two teachers in the classroom. If I am busy talking with a student, my mentor can still be circulating the room and answering questions or checking for understanding. Of course there are times when you have to take time out of your day to instruct your mentor and help them reflect, but overall I think the benefits outweigh the extra effort twofold. 

As a mentor I get to reflect on my teaching skills, I stay current with teaching practices, It gets me out of my comfort zone, he/she brings excitement to the classroom, more students needs are met with 2 of us in the room, get to do more small group work, another person to bounce off ideas, and it is very rewarding. The benefits for students having a resident: more 1:1 time, students get other teaching strategies, students get extra support, it increases motivation and engagement, and builds positive relationships.

Having a resident in the classroom has taught me a lot as an educator. Having someone new in the profession and having fresh ideas to put into the classroom can really be motivating for others. The students also benefit from different teaching styles that help meet the needs of all students.

I love it!  It makes me a better teacher, and it is so energizing to have another person in the classroom excited about teaching. The biggest benefit is for my students. Having another adult that can provide support is priceless. Total game changer. Sure, it can be exhausting to have someone with you all the time, every minute of every day. But, overall, it is so helpful.

My experience has been quite unexpected. I thought I would be the one disseminating information and constantly advising my resident. Although I do jump into the role of advisor, I have found that my year has been more collaborative than any other in my career of 25 years! Many days are run almost like a "lesson study" in that we are able to edit/tweak a lesson plan with each class period and make it a true exemplar lesson by the end of the day (high school). All of us benefit from this - resident, mentor, and most of all, students!

Having a resident teacher has helped me be more reflective of my teaching practices.  I am also more purposeful in my classroom management choices.  My students have been able to interact with a teacher that has a different personality and style which in turn helps them build their social intelligence. 

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