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Residency@TCSJ is a one-year traditional option to acquire a
preliminary teaching credential.
The program is constructed around the schedule of PK-12 schools, thus enabling an authentic, yearlong clinical experience with a master teacher, who serves as the residency candidate's on-site, classroom mentor.

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Benefits Include:

  • One-year inclusion-focused program

  • Dual Credential options 

  • Intense clinical practice for entire year with a vetted master teacher

  • Strong partnership with school site and district of placement

  • Ongoing mentoring and coaching

  • Integration of coursework and clinical experience

  • Up to 11 units count towards a Master’s Degree in Education from TCSJ

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Residency@TCSJ graduates are a diverse workforce of
committed inclusive-minded teachers who are determined to:

  • Empower and equip ALL students to grow into positive change-makers

  • Inspire and lead their school sites to embody a strong sense of social justice, dedication to service, and a never ending pursuit of academic and personal excellence

  • Be unstoppable in establishing strong school communities by creating cohesive cultures with trusting relationships among students, parents, colleagues, and community partners 

What's the best part about being a

"The direct feedback and knowledge I have received thus far has greatly helped with shortening the learning curve. The residency program is similar to a best selling self-help book that you see proudly displayed in the window of a Barnes & Noble. Instead of just reading the information and reflecting, you are able to go step-by-step with a master teacher and have all of your questions answered immediately with guidance and thoughtful responses."


"Having an opportunity for gradual exposure to the workplace."

"Working side-by-side with two of the best teachers in the industry has had immense impacts on my professional teaching abilities."

"The residents are able to see the behind the scenes workings."

"I feel that this program allows residents to build confidence as an instructor/teacher while having an involved support group."

What's the best part about being a
Master Teacher?

"The best part is having an extra set of eyes, hands, and ears in the classroom. I have a very challenging class and several kiddos who have special needs, so it's been helpful to have a resident to support myself and the kiddos. It has also been helpful to have someone to bounce ideas off of and to co-plan/teach with."

"This is a great program, not only does it benefit the residents in gaining knowledge of how a classroom runs, but the students in the classroom have the added benefit of another adult who shares a passion for learning and helping them excel in their academics."

"For me it has been a renewed fire of my teaching. I enjoy demonstrating and the residents asking questions why."

"Definite win-win-win. Residents are better equipped, guided and mentored. Master teachers have a ' 'TA' and the process calls upon Master Teachers to think deeper into their facilitation/teaching style. It brings Master teachers out of the "rote" way of teaching that they have been doing for years as they have must reflect and justify “the why” with the resident."

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